Thursday, May 20, 2021

Presenting GEORGE!


A few years ago, I got this idea for this book called George.  I can carbon date the first cover I bought for it to 2016.  But for various and sundry reasons, George took a backburner as other projects elbowed their way forward (see:  Olde Robin Hood, Maggie, all my Agatha ball books, all my plays...)  Listen, I don't have a say in these things.  The characters show up and I just take dictation.

But year after year, writing George would keep popping up on my annual goals.  And year after year, I'd get to December 31 and go, "Crap.  We'll try again next year, George..."  

It's a funny, floofy, goofy story about knights and castles and dragons and all the things that shape us as humans.  It's a riff on George and the Dragon.  But mostly, it's just fun because, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some smiles.  Hope is totally punk rock in 2021.

So, get your joy on and grab a copy of George today!  And if you love it?  Spread the love!  Tell your friends and leave a kind review!