Saturday, September 12, 2020

Moons Over My Maggie - Part I

After long last, Moons Over My Maggie, book eleven in the Maggie MacKay: Magical Tracker series has arrived!

Maggie and Killian are on the run and trying to keep their heads low. But when a SoCal tiki convention starts serving up zombies (and not the the kind you drink) the M-Team is on the job. But could it be this curse is the work of greater forces? Hold onto your coconuts! It's gonna be one volcanic eruption of awesome! Join Maggie and Killian on an urban fantasy adventure through California kitsch in Moons Over My Maggie!


But the whole point in you showing up to my blog is to get some behind the scene insights, right?  My travels through California inspire these books and Moons Over My Maggie is no exception.  No spoilers, but plenty of pictures.

First off, in one of the scenes, Maggie and Killian head to a place called Milton's Cafetorium.  It's loosely based on a Los Angeles landmark called Clifton's Cafeteria.  

I can carbon date my discover of Clifton's to twelve years ago when I attended my first comic book convention (thanks Ryan Winn, Giddy Girlie, and Adam Jackman!)

Downtown Los Angeles was once the happening spot to be.  It has a mile of historic theaters that would make you weep with their beauty, from the old Orpheum to the abandoned Tower.  And one of the treasures was Clifton's Cafeteria.

Behold it in miniature glory!  Because it is too big for my camera.

The first time I went, it still had its old cafeteria line and trays.

The fancy upstairs tea room

Faux waterfalls with plastic plants.

 Moose Over My Maggie

Upstairs (the wooden railings have since been replaced with glass)

Though it survived the Great Depression, offering "pay what you can" to any hungry souls, the poor old place was going under during the Great Recession.  Fortunately, a group of folks stepped forward to and, honoring its historic roots, saved it from being turned into downtown condos.

(And yes, the burlesque is real.)

And, yes, they have a tiki bar!  (And some gorgeous tiki mugs available online.)  If you're in Los Angeles, the whole entire place is worth the trip and I am ever so grateful for the inspiration.

That's enough for this post!  More to come!

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