Friday, January 17, 2020

The Scratch

Every other month for the past two years, I've put on my playwriting pants and headed out into the world to see what I can do to make life better for the artists around me.  Last summer, I had the honor of helping out with The Scratch, a fantastic play series in the Pacific Northwest.  I wrote an article for The Dramatists magazine, which you can read by clicking on that little link, if you'd like to find out more!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Dramatists Guild Holiday Party

Was one of your New Year's Resolutions to read more plays?

Well, the Dramatists Guild Seattle Region has got your back!

In December, we hosted a Holiday Party Play Challenge.  Playwrights were given a prompt of "snow" and "Seattle" and about 24-hours to write a three-page play for presentation before a live audience at the Palace Theatre and Art Bar.

Some of those playwrights have chosen to share their plays on the New Play Exchange, which is almost like indie publishing for playwrights.  They upload their play; people who are interested can read it and review it; and directors, producers, and students can license directly from the playwright (an easy process where you just hit a button on the right that says, "Inquire About Rights.")

Check out the list of plays performed below!  And we're going reverse alphabetical by first name because I read an article about how tough it is to be a "Z" in an "A to Z" world.  Happy 2020, y'all!
  • Thomas Pierce - It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year
  • Tammi Doyle - Taking Time
    • "Mine was the one about a couple getting ready for the day when snow threatens and they consult "Snow Binders"- but then remember last year's snowfall and their homebound lovemaking."
  • Stephanie Brooks - Warm Snow
  • Sherry Penoyer - That Snow Angel
  • Ryan Long - Thermidor
    • "Mine was the one about the umbrella store and the meet-cute with the two women."
  • Robert Flor - A Christmas Passing
  • Robin Brooks - The Snowperson's Bill of Rights
  • Pamela Hobart Carter - Snowpocalypse Rendez-Vous
    • "Mine was the one about a couple on a date at a snowed-in bar meeting a couple eager to make new friends."
  • Margaret O'Donnell - First Star
  • Maggie Lee - Snow Woman
  • Laurie Spector - Stuffed in Snowy Seattle
    • "Mine was the one about Grandma and the family sausage recipe."
  • Kathryn Jean Keller - Seattle Snow
  • J.W. Marshall - White with Whole Milk
    • "Mine was the one about the Shoreline split-level residing couple where the wife is intent on taking her father his requested loaf of Orowheat White With Whole Milk bread, her mother/his wife having died semi-recently, and her husband is intent on her not going out owing to a sincere snow storm."
  • John C. Davenport - White Center Christmas
  • John Allman - A Long Way to Purdy
  • Jessica Andrewartha - The 'S' Word
    • "Mine was the one about a bored meteorologist and a vengeful intern."
  • Eugenie Trow - See the Snow?
    • "Mine was the one about one person glad to be over an affair and lost in the snow (parody of It Never Rains in Southern California), the other person trying to get back together (parody of By the Sea, By the Sea,By the Beautiful Sea)."
  • Elena Naskora - Sugar Momma
    • "Mine was the one about the Playwright and the Older woman making a pass on him:)"
  • Cinda Robinson - Seattle Sleeps like Lenore
  • Christopher Kidder-Mostrom - Snow Job
    • "In Winter's corporate headquarters, Jack Frost and the Snow Queen try to devise a way to prevent loss of market share due to global warming."
  • Ashley Arai - Bob, Betty and Snow Boots