Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Maggie Goes to Hollywood - Now Available

Well, folks... the day you have been long waiting for is sloooowly here.  Maggie Goes to Hollywood -  Book Six in the Maggie MacKay: Magical Tracker series is available on Kindle!  As this week continues, it will be rolling out on all the other vendors and paperback, etc., et. al.  But for the time being, grab it here!

A few readers have asked me about future plans for Maggie.  There are many, many more books on their way in this series, with another coming out *fingers crossed* this August.  As long as they are still fun for me to write and still fun for you to read, I'm game for just keeping this party going.  Cool?  The one decision I made last year, though, was to wrap up all of my other series so that I could get Maggie out to you faster in the future.  Instead of four different books in three different series like its been, my brain is just going to live in Maggie-land from here on out.  So thanks to all of you for your patience as I goofed around trying to figure out my voice and other artistic crap.  Let's just play now, shall we?