Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Release Day of Der Holzfäller

Do you have a German speaker in your life you think would enjoy The Woodcutter? Well, today is your lucky day! Announcing the release of the new German translation of The Woodcutter by AmazonCrossing... *drumroll*... Der Holzfäller!

I'm so proud, I might just bust my dirndl!  (FUN FACT!  I was on the 5th place Texas State Champion German folk dance team in high school and when Der Holzfäller hits 5k sales, I'll dig out some old pictures for you.  My Aquanet bangs are a wonder. Don't feel bad for me. I've actually used my polka skills far more times than calculus.)

Since so many of the fairytales featured in The Woodcutter were first recorded by the Brothers Grimm, it seems rather lovely to return this new fairytale back to its roots.  Here's to you, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm!

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