Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Presenting Distilled Spirits - Book III in the O'Hare House Mysteries!

After surviving an ancient Egyptian curse, life should be smooth sailing for mediums Clara O'Hare and Wesley Lowenherz. But when a cab driver named Red sees the ghosts in Clara's house, the doors are opened to a much deeper secret. Clara and Wesley stumble upon a deadly conspiracy, and find that the recent murders all have a chilling connection.
Haven't read any of the O'Hare House Mysteries?  Never fear!  As a special limited-time offer, Book I - A Spirited Manor - is FREE on all platforms!

Just so you know where things are going with this series, this story arc will be wrapped up in four books (we're on #3 right now... dun... dun... DUUUUN!  THE PRESSURE!) and then a new four part story arc will begin with book five.

Now, as a fun little bit of fun, one of my old college chums Danielle Blackbird sent me the greatest link ever:  How to Tell if You're Reading a Gothic Novel presented by The Guardian.  It has charts!  We can turn it into a drinking game!  Take a shot whenever I hit one of these tropes!  Off to add more swoons for you!

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