Friday, January 10, 2014

London. April. 2013

It's the funniest thing about achieving a dream. You are then faced with the rest of your life and have to figure out what you want to do with it.

My biggest dream since graduating college was to make a living from my art.  Sure, things hadn't quite shaken out on the acting front like I had hoped.  But the book thing.  That had taken off.  And suddenly I was at home.  Writing full time.

And feeling a little lost.

People had warned me about this.  I had smugly thought, "Oooooh, you don't know me very well, I'm afraid.  I am the Queen of Adventure!  Boredom?  Existential crises about my place in the world?  I thiiiink I have got that covered."

But, still.  It happened.  I got my dream and was faced with the great Now What.

So, I made a list.  And at the top of that was that I wanted to see London before I died.  See, the thing I realized about Hollywood is that we were making movies inspired by the movies we were making.  It was like an orosboros of suck.  Everything was being pulling from the same source material that everyone else was watching.  It was one terrible carbon copy after another.

But then I started watching the BBC.  And suddenly, there were new stories.  New twists.  New statements upon humanity.  There were fat people and thin people and pretty people and plain people... it didn't matter what they looked like, they were being hired because they could act their pants off.  The writing!  The directing!  I started watching Green Wing and that show became my spirit animal.  I wanted to drink THAT water.  What was going on culturally which was giving rise to such genius?  Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Zen, did I mention Green Wing?  Let me mention it again.

And then I found out that some of my favorite actors in the world were performing on the West End.

So, I bought myself a plane ticket and bought tickets to the West End.  But then, I had to cancel, so I rebooked.  But then I booked a film.  But then found out that all the shows I wanted to see would be closing four days before my plane was scheduled to touchdown.

So I said screw it and scheduled my Secret Trip to London in four days time.

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