Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Spirit of Krampus

Last year, I participated in a lovely little anthology called Holiday Wishes.  My short story from that anthology is now available as a stand-alone.  Ladies and gentlemen, The Spirit of Krampus!

So, what is "Krampus" you may be asking yourself?  Krampus is a character from European mythology.  He was Santa Claus's partner.  As good Saint Nicholas rewarded the children of the world for good behavior, Krampus was responsible for punishing the wicked.  If you were bad, he'd put you in a sack and beat you with sticks.  And if you were REALLY bad, he'd take you home and eat you for dinner.  Happy Christmas, indeed.

In this short story, I posed the question, "What would happen if the spirit of Krampus, instead of the spirit of Christmas, filled the hearts of grown-ups across the globe?"  It's a dark, scary day.  Fortunately, we have our young hero, Skip, ready to set things right.

As you threaten your kids with coal this holiday season, tell them they should be thankful that Krampus is not around.  May you not be thrown in a bag at any office party!  You know.  Unless that's your thing.


  1. This image has been floating around the interwebs without explanation and generating lots of HUHs. So I've been passing along your story and this blog entry for the explain:

  2. Thanks for getting the word out, Ray! I appreciate it!