Monday, June 10, 2013

A Spirited Manor

Ladies and Gentlesquirms!  Without further ado, may I present my latest title... drumroll please... A SPIRITED MANOR!

"In Kate Danley's deliciously twisted story, A Spirited Manor, grieving widow Clara O'Hare accepts an invitation to a séance in the remote country home of Lord Horace Oroberg. Joining her around the table are Oroberg’s cad of a son, Clifford; his mousy fiancée, Violet; her overbearing mother, Hilda Nero; Norman Scettico, a renowned scientist; the lovely Marguerite Matson; and the dashing young medium, Wesley Lowenherz.

Before long, the group’s fascination with the spirit world calls up something sinister, and Clara and Wesley are pulled together to solve a murder most foul. Laced with gothic tension, romance, and mystery, A Spirited Manor will delight readers with its unexpected turns and thrilling conclusion."

(Yes, this is the one that was formerly titled House on the Square and had the other cover.  That's going to be book two in this new series - The O'Hare House Mysteries)

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