Friday, January 4, 2013

The End of an Epoch

Today was the last day at my day job. I KNOW! After a lifetime of supporting myself through my typing skills... I'm moving on to a job supporting myself with my typing skills! Wait. That doesn't quite capture it. This is what is going on. I'm a full time writer now. For real. Me.

Surreal doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. Over the moon and deliriously happy comes close, though. 

To top that, yesterday I received an email from my publisher that The Woodcutter was going to be today's Amazon Deal of the Day.  I woke up this morning and it was sitting at around #2100 and I thought to myself, "Well.  Cool."

And then about a half hour later, people over on the Kindleboards started posting excited messages.  It started rocketing up the rankings.  And as of this moment?  That would be The Woodcutter sitting at #12 on the Top 100 Bestsellers list.

My brain has exploded and squished all over the screen.  I can't even fathom this.  What a great going away present!  Happy last day of work for me!

About six months ago, I went to a friend's party and we did this blessings and meditation thing. We wrote three wishes and were told that she would mail them out on January 1st to us. As I came home tonight, carrying my boxes of half used hand lotions to protect from paper cuts and old pay stubs, I opened up my mailbox and there was this letter.

Well... would you look at that.  Two out of three.  And that middle one was a bullshit wish anyways, mainly because I couldn't think of any other way I might be able to support myself through my writing.  What has unfolded, instead, to make #1 and #3 come true is nothing short of a miracle. Absolutely nothing went according to my plans, but the things that have unfolded and fallen in my lap are better than anything my puny little pea brain could come up with and I welcome having my world turned on its head.  And I am forever grateful.

Snow White was always my favorite cartoon because she was pale and had black hair like me.  In the fairytale of my life, the thought in my heart had always been, "Someday my prince will come."  As I sit here typing this today, I realize I didn't hear the words right.  

And I lived happily ever after.

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  1. And as we say at GHU: "...Finally!"

    "Congratulations" doesn't even begin to capture my wishes for you.