Friday, December 21, 2012

The Life of a Hollywood Starlett

Today I screwed up an audition. It was two lines long, which is THE WORST to screw up on. I got there with plenty of time, felt like I was really the right type for the part, wandered around the studio lot and just reveled in the glory of being next to the sound stage where they filmed ______. Got inside the doors of the casting office aaaaaand awkwardly pantomimed the end of this scene like I was a gawddamned robot break dancer left over from some bad 1980s Beastie Boys video. THEN, I had grabbed an old resume from the back of my car... one that happens to have on there that I do Catherine O'Hara impersonations. Which, you know, I could do... three years ago. And the very sweet and awesome casting director was like, "I want to see your Catherine O'Hara impersonation." And I'm like, "What?" And then she pointed it out on my resume. I hummed a couple lines from "Midnight at the Oasis." And then we laughed that I was a total jerk who couldn't do the stuff I wrote down on the paper I just handed her. I'm so glad I'm growing up to be an author. I suck at being an actress.