Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Wishes

Last summer I received an invitation from Jocelyn Sweetapple-Clark (isn't that a fantastic name, by the way?  I hope she makes lots of pies and invites kids over to run through the sprinkler on the 4th of July) asking if I might be willing to contribute a short story to an anthology of bestselling indie authors with all proceeds going to a children's charity.

My first response was "Sure!" and then my second thought was, "I wonder which charity?"  I thought for a bit and wrote to Jocelyn asking if she might consider donating the proceeds to a children's charity that meant so much to some friends of ours who lived next door.  Their daughter was diagnosed with childhood leukemia.  This charity asked her what she wanted more than anything else in the world and when she said Disney World, they sent her and her family on the trip of a lifetime.  When the leukemia came back, they asked her again what her wish was, and her whole family got to go to Disneyland.  When the leukemia came back again, her dream of seeing Disneyland Paris was in the process of being fulfilled.  Unfortunately, she died before that could happen.  She was nine years old.  The memories of these trips meant the world to the people she left behind.

So I asked Jocelyn if we could donate to this charity.  And it turns out she was thinking of the exact same one.

Now, we can't say it out loud because of some legaleeze (a couple years ago, there was a big story in the news about folks in a hate group contributing to a charity and using that charity's name to raise funds, which made people think the charity endorsed the hate group, and now no one can use a charity's name unless they have official sanction).  But you know the charity.  Its name rhymes with Cake a Dish and they make dreams come true for a terminally ill child.

None of us received any compensation for this anthology.  Everyone from the cover designer to the authors to the editors to the layout folks donated their time and talents.  100% of the royalties are going to charity.  So in this season of giving, won't you consider donating $2.99 for a great cause?  You'll get a fantastic anthology and help make a wish come true for really sick kids.

The collection includes contributions from: David Adams, Jason Brant, Elle Casey, Deanna Chase, Kate Danley, Dee Ernst, Ashley Mackler-Paternostro, Becca Mills, Dalya Moon, Christine Pope, Deanna Roy, Rachel Schurig, Jack Sheppard and Amber Sweetapple, with cover art donated by Claudia McKinney of Phat Puppy Artwork.

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