Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Opening to Another Show!

Are you in Los Angeles? Come see the best frickin' version of A Christmas Carol you will ever see. Okay, so the best SERIOUS version of A Christmas Carol you will ever see. The funny ones can be pretty darn clever (I'm looking at you, Troubies).

 But if you're looking for some heartwarming holiday fare, stray away from the commercial spectaculars that go directly against the message of this show. Head on over to GTC Burbank and find out what the real deal with this play is about.

I mean, we all know the story of A Christmas Carol. But have you ever read it? The original text - not the movie or the play. Dickens prose is stunningly gorgeous and that's what we do. We get the book out and we read it for you. The entire play is his original words performed by three actors (one of which is a Broadway veteran) with two long scarves. It's really cool. And it doesn't suck. I promise.

A Christmas Carol
Nov 30 to Dec 16
Thu, Fri & Sat @ 8pm; Sun @ 3pm

Grove Theater Centerat GTC Burbank
1111-b West Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA 91506

And because you're my bloggie friends?  Use code "Dickens" for $10 off!

The show runs for approximately 80 minutes with no intermission and is appropriate for all ages from 12 to 92!

Monday, November 26, 2012

CyberMonday Freebie!

Grab a copy of 5:00 Breakout! For FREE! Perfect for reading at your desk because your boss won't let you surf the sales.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small Business Saturday (...or Sunday...)

So, us indie authors are small businesses unto ourselves.  We market out of our own pocket.  We buy our own covers.  Hire our own editors.  Format our own books.  So, here's my offering to the Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday (...oh jeez... what did I forget?) madness!  Thinking some of your favorite people might enjoy a paperback copy of Maggie for Hire or Maggie Get Your Gun?  Here are some coupons if you buy through CreateSpace.

Maggie for Hire
Code 5BPYSPX5 for $3.00 Off

Maggie Get Your Gun
Code NE8US9HL for $3.00 Off

And if you buy any of my paperbacks this Christmas season and would like them personalized, just shoot me an email with the inscription you would like.  I will send you a free bookplate(s) signed to anyone you want.  This incredible bookplate was designed by Six by Design.  Bonus!  You can play "Name That Book" with all the images!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Wishes

Last summer I received an invitation from Jocelyn Sweetapple-Clark (isn't that a fantastic name, by the way?  I hope she makes lots of pies and invites kids over to run through the sprinkler on the 4th of July) asking if I might be willing to contribute a short story to an anthology of bestselling indie authors with all proceeds going to a children's charity.

My first response was "Sure!" and then my second thought was, "I wonder which charity?"  I thought for a bit and wrote to Jocelyn asking if she might consider donating the proceeds to a children's charity that meant so much to some friends of ours who lived next door.  Their daughter was diagnosed with childhood leukemia.  This charity asked her what she wanted more than anything else in the world and when she said Disney World, they sent her and her family on the trip of a lifetime.  When the leukemia came back, they asked her again what her wish was, and her whole family got to go to Disneyland.  When the leukemia came back again, her dream of seeing Disneyland Paris was in the process of being fulfilled.  Unfortunately, she died before that could happen.  She was nine years old.  The memories of these trips meant the world to the people she left behind.

So I asked Jocelyn if we could donate to this charity.  And it turns out she was thinking of the exact same one.

Now, we can't say it out loud because of some legaleeze (a couple years ago, there was a big story in the news about folks in a hate group contributing to a charity and using that charity's name to raise funds, which made people think the charity endorsed the hate group, and now no one can use a charity's name unless they have official sanction).  But you know the charity.  Its name rhymes with Cake a Dish and they make dreams come true for a terminally ill child.

None of us received any compensation for this anthology.  Everyone from the cover designer to the authors to the editors to the layout folks donated their time and talents.  100% of the royalties are going to charity.  So in this season of giving, won't you consider donating $2.99 for a great cause?  You'll get a fantastic anthology and help make a wish come true for really sick kids.

The collection includes contributions from: David Adams, Jason Brant, Elle Casey, Deanna Chase, Kate Danley, Dee Ernst, Ashley Mackler-Paternostro, Becca Mills, Dalya Moon, Christine Pope, Deanna Roy, Rachel Schurig, Jack Sheppard and Amber Sweetapple, with cover art donated by Claudia McKinney of Phat Puppy Artwork.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

In which I am hired to write a book...

Well, kiddos... good news and bad news.  The bad news is that it is going to be a little longer getting the Maggie books out.  Yes, you read that right.  BOOKS.  Two are being written concurrently at the moment.

"Why?" you cry to the heavens, shaking your fists at the sky.

Because awesomeness has exploded all over the place.

The ink is barely dry on the contract, but I have been graciously invited to write an upcoming installment of The Dead Man series created by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin.  You might know their work from Monk, Psych, Nero Wolfe, and other fantastic tv shows and books.  And later this year, Lee is teaming up with Janet Evanovich for a brand new series.  How cool is that?  If the Kevin Bacon game became the Janet Evanovich game, I'd be one degree away!

So what's The Dead Man about?  It is a bi-monthly series of action adventure novellas, with just a little taste of horror to keep you up at night.  Each installment is penned by an author you know and love * cough* * pointing at self * tracing the journey of a man who should be dead against the face of evil.  Which is probably what you could have figured out from the title of the book.  Smarty pants.   

I'm so stoked to be a part of this team and honored to be invited.  Look for it sometime in 2013!  And in the meantime, get caught up on all the books that have come before!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

In which I am invited to guest post on the Official Amazon Blog

Ever wonder how the heck The Woodcutter came to be?  The tale is worthy of its own book.  But here's a blog post in 350 words or less on the official Amazon blog with all the nitty gritty details!

The Man Who Travels Through Fairy Tales

Thank you, Amazon, for letting me be your guest!  I brought bundt cake!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In which I land a traditional publishing deal and might be considered a "real" author

It all started January 2012.  I opened up my email and there was a note from 47North, Amazon's newest publishing imprint.  Their peeps are New York Times bestselling authors, their print editions feature some of the hottest shows on television... and... me...  They were wondering if I might be willing to talk to them about signing a little book I self published called The Woodcutter.

(this is me October 2010 with 
the very first copy of The Woodcutter 
ever to come off the presses)

I've spent almost my whole life pursuing the acting thing.  It seems so funny that after all those years pounding my head against a brick wall, that there was this other dream lurking in the corners of my heart... this writing thing... that would give me everything I was looking for without the soul crushing cream filling.  

Sometimes folks have asked which I love more.  For me, acting is probably a little like heroin - the high is so amazing, you're ready to you ruin your entire life and everyone around you to get it again.  

Writing is more like a nice caffeine buzz - something that gives you a little lift to your step, makes you hold your head a little higher, but other than a few heart palpitations, isn't going to take you down in a fiery inferno of self-destruction.  

I'll take the latter, please.

These past few months since signing have been filled with real... writer... stuff...  Edits and cover reviews and wondering what you really meant when you typed "xyz".  The team at 47North is absolutely amazing and I adore them all with a mad passion.  They went out of their way to make me feel like I was Princess Leia and they were Luke Skywalker and Han Solo come to bust me out of the Death Star.  You nerds know what I'm talking about.

Last week, I received my author copies of The Woodcutter, which I now share with you.  Pictures don't even do it justice.

The cover is a deep, dark greeny blue... it looks just like the night sky.  Somehow, the way the printed it makes it feel almost velvety.

Yesterday, in the midst of election madness, the new edition of The Woodcutter made its quiet debut into the world as an ebook, paperback, and audiobook.  

The only experience I can liken it to is finally getting that series regular job on a sitcom.  Except you can eat all the donuts you want.  I'm still waiting for them to call me apologetically and confess they meant to sign The Woodchopper.

I guess my message in this blog post is that dreams can come true, even when you think they can't. The whole five of you left who still read my blog - this happened to me!  That's NUTS!  You know me!  I stumble around this life not even able to find my car in a parking lot half the time.  If this can happen to me, that means that dreams can come true for ANYBODY.  

The only sense I can make of it, though, is that sometimes it's just that you've been dreaming the wrong dream, and that maybe... just maybe... if you can let go your death grip on one, you'll find there is something even better around the corner... 

Because this is better.  This is much, much better.