Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's Everyone Talking About?

We just got our first review and the critics like us!  They really like us!

"Heading the cast is David Allen Jones' outstanding performance as the long suffering Mr. Zero...The show's design is a wonder. Leonard Ogden's constantly unfolding set is in itself worth the price of admission...The remainder of Cochran's cast brings to life a bizarre collection of personages [in] this fine rendition of Rice's emotionally charged story...It's uncanny how timely Elmer Rice's script remains despite having originally premiered in 1923.  Director Kevin Cochran and a multifaceted cast of eight keep this extended one-act clicking like a well-oiled version of the play's title." -Arts in LA

Wanna come check it out? All tickets this weekend are only $10! Use code "zero" online or mention it at the door.

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