Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mercury Retrograde Tally - August 2nd Edition

  • The rubber came off of the bottom of my expensive Clark heels, destroying a really nice pair of shoes.
  • The repair guy screwed up the kitchen faucet.  Again.  He evidently attached it to a geyser, because it's either off or ON.
  • Some default got triggered when I used GPS yesterday and now my phone is sending love notes to satellites about how pretty they look amongst the stars.  Like a kid draining its parents' bank account with too many texts to its friends, I'm watching my battery sucked dry in a matter of two hours and have no idea how to stop it.
  • Oh, and my phone decided to stop ringing.  It's getting calls.  It's getting texts.  It says it should be ringing.  But I guess it got mad about me yelling at it about the satellites and now it isn't speaking to me.  It is just sitting in its room with its headphones on listening to Blind Melon.
  • My phone can't even handle loading Google.  I ask TOO. MUCH.  Uhgh.  I can almost hear it rolling its virtual eyes at me.  TOO MUCH.
  • And then I pressed some button and now my phone only speaks to me in French.

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