Friday, August 3, 2012

Mercury Retrograde Countdown: T minus Five Days

I left the office, so stoked it was Friday and I had the whole weekend to look forward to when I realized I completely walked away from my desk without emailing myself an important file I was going to work on.  And there is a MASSIVE event around my place of employment this weekend (the street closing warning predicted 100,000 guests), so it's not like I can even drive in and get it...

So, then I stepped into my home after work.  The door opened and I was hit with the odor of locker room and gym socks.

Mold.  My apartment has begun to mold after the flood.

The handy little container I have used to store my birds' food has this great little spout which keeps the seed from spilling over the ground.  I flipped the spout open, as per normal, and cracked off in my hand.  Not the hinges, like one would expect.  The center of the plastic spout.  Cracked right down the middle and came apart in pieces in my hand.  The delicate hinges are just fine.  It's the thick, sturdy plastic that decided to give up the ghost.

Then I came back from the show and turned on the kitchen light.  Click.  Click.  Click.


There are two differently aged florescent light bulbs in the fixture so I know it isn't the bulb.  It wasn't a breaker.  I flipped all the switches in my fuse box.

Hey!  Maybe the guy who fixed my faucet so good can come and fix my electrical system!  We can just burn this place down and start new.

Five more days till retrograde ends... five more...

EDITED TO ADD:  Little Debbie makes a really great blueberry creme roll, in case you get a hankering for some binge eating.

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