Friday, August 31, 2012

Entertainment Proclamations for when Kate Danley Becomes Queen of the Universe

Here ye!  Here ye!  Below are the Rules by which Entertainment in All Forms will obey when Kate Danley becomes the SUPREME RULER OF THE UNIVERSE!
  • It's a Small World and Pirate of the Caribbean shall be returned to their original states, unaltered by "plusing" at the Disneyland Resort.  I don't care what you do at the other parks.  Have toy carts in the middle of the Haunted Mansion for all I care.  But the innovative works of art at Disneyland which launched an empire shall remain sacred!
  • And on the subject of Pirates, there shall be no other Pirates besides Episode I and Episode IV.  All others shall be considered bad fan fiction and relegated to the locked vault of Cinderella III.
  • Sherlock and Downton Abbey shall air in the states at the same time it airs in the U.K.  Did we win a Revolutionary War for nothing?  I say we give our sovereignty back to England if it means we can get these shows before everyone on Twitter spoils them!
  • Star Wars Episode I, II, and III shall all be rebooted with this man at the helm of story development.
  • Anyone who says that Pierce Brosnan was greater than Daniel Craig as Bond shall be thrown into a dark hole and forced to watch Golden Eye until sanity is restored.
  • All use of smooth R&B and pop reinterpretations of some important song at the end of kids movies shall ceased IMMEDIATELY.  Any pre-existing films with those items shall have such songs removed and replaced with ragtime or New Orleans jazz.
  • BLOGGER SHALL RETURN TO ITS ORIGINAL, USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE! (as Queen Kate tries to remember how to post this post...)

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  1. * Kate shall blog more.

    Throw that in and I'm voting for it.