Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fantastic Review of Maggie for Hire

HUGE thanks to Bobbye Land Hudspeth for, completely out of the blue, reading and reviewing Maggie for Hire!  So many kind words and my heart overfloweth with gratitude!

I've said it here before but I'm gonna say it again, so brace yourself... Indie reviewers deserve golden halos and angels wings.  No one hears about us goofy little indie authors unless you guys get an an itchin' to stand atop a hillside and start shouting to the world that there is a good book out there and folks need to read it.  And that is exactly what Bobbye did for me.  I am so so so so grateful.  Please go over and show her some love!  She didn't need to take time out of her life to A) read my book, B) write something nice, or C) share it online.  But she did.  And that is awesomeness itself.  Thank you, Bobbye!

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