Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deactivating my personal Facebook

Hey Friends from over the Years who are Wondering Where the Heck I Went on Facebook!

I decided to deactivate my account and see what life was like out here in the big wide world (you know, for as long as this resolve lasts...).  I might... I don't know... start reading your blogs again... or maybe... call... set up appointments for coffee... do this thing I hear called "face time".  Not the iPhone app.  Like, in real life.  If you can't get your fix of me, I'm still maintaining my Facebook fan page.  I mean, come on.  Let's not get too crazy.  If you'd like to follow me over there, the link is:


"Why?" you ask.  Well, their new account settings allow strangers to see your posts.  If a friend "liked" something on your page, your post shows up in their news stream, allowing THEIR friends to see it.  Just seemed a little bit too... much... for me.

But like I said, I am not gone!  I'm right here, my precious loves!  I would never desert you!  Gosh, I might have to start blogging again... WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!?!?

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