Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tax Day Free Fantasy

Well, I get to be a part of some awesomeness over here!

April 17th, a bunch of us authors will be banding together like the Fellowship of the Rings on the quest to Mordor... wait... like Bill & Ted doing their history project... wait... Well, like a bunch of really cool indie authors who have written fantasy books and want to give them away for free.

The big day is April 17th.  It's the Tax Day Free Fantasy Giveaway!  Leading up to this awesomeness, I'll be hosting interviews with several of these authors, so check back.  In the meantime, here is the crew.  Get ready for FANTASTICAL ADVENTURE!

Brendan Carroll
Christopher Bunn
Colin Taber
Dave King
E. Stoops
Edward W. Robertson
J. R. Tomlin 
Kate Danley
Kate Dean
Matthew Musser
MeiLin Miranda
S. M. Reine
Tristan J. Tarwater

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