Sunday, January 15, 2012

In the words of Bartles and James... Thank you for your support

This week, I enrolled my book The Woodcutter in a special program on Amazon and in a 48 hour period, over 15,000 people grabbed a copy and shot The Woodcutter to the #1 Fantasy book, the #10 Fiction book, and the #16 on the Top 100 list on Amazon. Thank you all, so much, for taking the time to grab a copy and thank you for reading it. This book is truly the Little Novel That Could.

I wrote The Woodcutter over six years ago when I should have been paying attention in anatomy class. Being a secretary to support my acting career had been wearing thin and I was going through a tough time trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. So I went back to school... and learned that I could rule out x-ray tech.

What came from that exploration, though, was this book. I went through another five years worth of rejection letters before finally being published. Truly, if it was not for the digital era we live in, this book would still be sitting in a drawer gathering dust.

The responses I have received since its original publication have overwhelmed me and filled me with such gratitude. And I just wanted to say thank you. So. Thank you.

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