Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lovely new cover for The Woodcutter

I had the pleasure of working with Char Marie Adles on a new cover for the e-book version of The Woodcutter.

Isn't it lovely? Look for it to go live in the next couple days!

I'm also working on the 2nd Edition paperback because... drum roll people... the audio book is nearing completion! Yes, the hard working little elves in San Francisco have been chained to their editing bay... erm... I mean... working diligently, and it appears the audio book will be out in just a few months. Rejoice, America! Rejoice!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Playhouse Soap Opera Blooper Reel

Well, if this week hadn't already been overflowing with awesome, here's a nice little digestif to get you through to Friday...

It's The Playhouse Blooper Reel!

I recommend watching the other episodes in the series first, just so you know what we're messing up. And because they're awesome.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Author Interview

After yesterday's FANTASTIC book review of Maggie for Hire, Dark Side of the Covers approached me and asked if they could do an author interview, to which I said OFCOURSEOHMYGAWDOHMYGAWD!!! sure, that would be lovely.

I swear I'm not just saying this because they've been so wonderful to me, but if you're looking for a FANTASTIC book review site for your next great fantasy read, check them out. The posts are SO well written. The content is fantastic. It's just a great site! Bookmark it. For shizzle (did I conjugate "shizzle" correctly? It's so hard to know...).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"If urban fantasy could be bottled, then this story is a shot-glass full of awesomesauce." - Dark Side of the Covers

WHOA!!! Check out this FANTASTIC review of Maggie for Hire by Dark Side of the Covers! Seriously, I can't think of anything nicer a person could say about my book. She got it. EVERYTHING. I think her review is more entertaining than my book! And guess what? Come back tomorrow, because I'm the featured author interview! RIGHT?!?! I know. This is CRAZYTOWN! I'm off to print out this review to carry around in my wallet... and draw little hearts all over it...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Great Maggie for Hire Review by Twisting the Lens

I opened up my email and found one of the nicest reviews in the world sitting there for me. If you have a moment, pop on over to Twisting the Lens and give it a gander.

Kate Danley has served up a female lead character to fill the gap that the ending of Buffy the Vampire Slayer left in the world of sci-fi/fantasy....Maggie for Hire is an enjoyable, quick read that had me laughing the entire time. She is a brash, sarcastic, unladylike character than is easy to love- a lot of Buffy with a dose of Daria thrown in. Danley doesn’t get off track with trying to throw in a romance for Maggie, which is somewhat refreshing in today’s sci-fi/fantasy genre. She is a tough, smart, and resourceful lead character that will leave you waiting for more.

RIGHT?!?! I know.

So, I'm going to go off on a little tangent here...

Indie book review bloggers take on the task of wading through a metric shitton of horrible manuscripts. And they are doing it, truly, from the kindness of their hearts. This blogger has no connection to me, she didn't receive any monetary recompense, she is just out there supporting us indies as best she can.

Yet Twisting Lens and others like her provide us lesser known authors with an invaluable service, and, from what I've heard from a bunch of other reviewers, they put up with some awfully special brands of craaaaazy: authors wondering why the review wasn't done yesterday, authors pissed off because the review wasn't good, authors who don't understand WHY the reviewer isn't accepting new books. One reviewer I met quit reviewing because she started receiving death threats. Another got herself a stalker.

It seems like reviewing books would be The Best Thing Evah, but there is a seedy underside to it. So, if you have a chance, go spread some love on the Lens. She didn't have to read my book. She didn't have to say such nice things. But she did. And I, for one, am so grateful. Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!


Want to get your own copy of Maggie for Hire? Here are all the places you can grab a copy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I should have so much to type about...

Ugh. You ever have so much to type about, you just kind of go, "Eh, I'll catch everyone up in February..."

I'm still heartbroken that A Christmas Carol is all over.

A Christmas Carol

It's not often that you get to do a show THAT GOOD out here in Los Angeles. The project was bigger than all of us and I'm filled with so much gratitude I got to be a part.

Regular old Christmas was pretty wonderful, too. My new niece is cute as a button.

Christmas 2011

We all took turns giving the new mom a break.

Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011

We all took some time to go tour the city.

Christmas 2011

And just hang out and be reminded how cool our family is.

Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011

It's been a long time since we were all in the same room together.

Christmas 2011

After cooking all week for that crew, though, Mom was ready for a little R&R, so she made a surprise trip down to Los Angeles to catch the Rose Parade for her very first time! Our great-great grandma sewed the capes for the very first Rose Court... or something like that... so we had a little hometown pride going on.

Natural History Museum Float

It was delightful seeing Charles Phoenix waving merrily at us from his float. The last time I saw him was in the Doodah Parade. I KNOW!

Charles Phoenix

We also cheered loudly for my cousins' high school. I came to see my actual cousins march a few years ago... in the rain... I think this was probably a better experience for them.

Mom's Visit 2012

We then went down to Farrell's where we met two really sweet ladies in line who decided to buy us lunch.

Mom's Visit 2012

It was such a random act of kindness. They said that they were just sharing the bounty that had been showered upon them. A million blessing right back at them! It was so sweet! Also, this milkshake. It was pretty sweet. Figuratively and literally.

We then went down to Laguna to catch the sunset, which was divine...


Laguna Sunset

We went to the Skirball for some cool exhibits and got great pizza and hung out with the birds and watched a TON of British shows - Foyles War, Miss Marple, The Last Detective... and Ab Fab...

Mom's Visit 2012 A bird on the head... Don't turn your back on your pizza...

It was a fantastic trip all the way around. And now... It's back to life. In whatever form it decides to take in 2012. In the next week or so, I'll be able to announce two really cool projects I'm involved with, but until then, in case I haven't mentioned it... because I don't think I have...

Mom's Visit 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

In the words of Bartles and James... Thank you for your support

This week, I enrolled my book The Woodcutter in a special program on Amazon and in a 48 hour period, over 15,000 people grabbed a copy and shot The Woodcutter to the #1 Fantasy book, the #10 Fiction book, and the #16 on the Top 100 list on Amazon. Thank you all, so much, for taking the time to grab a copy and thank you for reading it. This book is truly the Little Novel That Could.

I wrote The Woodcutter over six years ago when I should have been paying attention in anatomy class. Being a secretary to support my acting career had been wearing thin and I was going through a tough time trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. So I went back to school... and learned that I could rule out x-ray tech.

What came from that exploration, though, was this book. I went through another five years worth of rejection letters before finally being published. Truly, if it was not for the digital era we live in, this book would still be sitting in a drawer gathering dust.

The responses I have received since its original publication have overwhelmed me and filled me with such gratitude. And I just wanted to say thank you. So. Thank you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Woodcutter Available for FREEEE!

What's that sound you hear? I think it is the sound of AWESOME.

If you have a Kindle and are an Amazon Prime member, you can now borrow The Woodcutter for FREE! That's right, my friends, for FREE!

Tell your friends! Borrowing is good!

The Playhouse Soap Opera Finale

HOW WILL IT ALL END!?!? Find out here.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Retrospective

Here's to you 2011!IMG_2806IMG_2842IMG_2858IMG_2895IMG_2920
IMG_2925IMG_2922IMG_2963IMG_2985From the Library of Dr. JonesIMG_3005
The greatest sketch I have and ever will writeThe Woodcutter in the wildTrip to the SeasideNot our boatGetting on the boatThat's me fighting the pirate.
April is in front of our boatErik does last looks on the puppetOur Dread Puppet CrewMy puppet and my right hand man.  Literally.Miss Dana Point?Backstage at The Comedy Store

2011 Retrospective, a set on Flickr.

I need to write a real New Years post, but I'm afraid I probably won't get around to it until February, so here are some pictures! Worth 271,000 words!