Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Hop Day #1

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This year, I've got the holiday spirit.

Christmas 2011

It's probably all to blame on doing A Christmas Carol (ahem), which is pay-what-you-can tonight (hint hint hint) and there are 1/2 price tickets on Goldstar (HINT HINT HINT) . I was looking at my calendar and realized that I haven't done a scripted show since 2008. That's a lot of time I've spent these past couple years just getting on stage and making stuff up. It's been such an intense six weeks, I'm not even really sure I'm going to know what to do with myself come Monday.

I mean, other than Christmas time with my brand new niece.

Yah. She's pretty frickin' adorable. Emily June Auve. Emily hasn't called for bail money or crashed her mom and dad's car yet, so I'm thinking my kid sister and her husband seem to have this parenting thing under control.

Their cats on the other hand...

Trouble. With a capital "T".

So, I really like my holiday decor. Pictures never really do things justice, so just trust me when I say they are kickarse in real life.

Christmas 2011

I love this little set up, though. Every item has meaning.

The drawing was given to me for my birthday by my friend Joe Purcell (creator of The Fall of Paul and the fantastic Dr. Dass in episode four). It was drawn by Paul Coker, Jr., who created all of my favorite holiday claymation specials. I LOVE claymation. As a kid, it was like watching toys come to life. I still break out the films every Christmas. My favorite is when Rudolf and Benjamin Franklin go off to save the Baby New Year from the time vulture.

That silver tree trunk? I looked at it and looked at it and FINALLY, after weeks of thinking and dreaming about it, I went back and grabbed it. I thought it was a lovely little holiday homage to The Woodcutter.

That big disco ball cup there in the back? Another item I needed like a hole in the head, but kept obsessing over. I FINALLY decided to pony up the whole... I think it was $15... and get it. But when I arrived it was the last one and it had no tag, so they gave it to me for $2.00.

The little white trees? I bought them in a mall in El Paso the weekend my grandmother died. My suitcase broke (the wheels axle snapped in half so here I was, this grieving passenger, just dragging my bag through the terminal like the saddest traveler ever to travel) and these little trees were there at the store on a 70% sale, because evidently, I'm the only human being who wants white blown glass trees. People are nuts.

The green tree was a big indulgence during a time I was pretty broke.

The Elf on the Shelf is from my other grandma's house. I think it belonged to my great-grandmother before her.

The little green elf I've had since I was a kid. It used to sit in this printbox I had hanging on my wall, filled up with other little treasures I had collected. Back in the day, there weren't a whole lot of friends for my Barbie, so more times than not, he ended up playing her baby. He is really quite attractive swaddled up in Kleenex, held in place with scotch tape.

The little angel statue I actually bought on eBay a few weeks ago. My Idaho grandma had a similar statue in her guest room and I don't know if we saved it or not when we were clearing out her house. I saw this gal and just went, "Oh. She makes me so happy..."

So, there you have it. My million miles long DAY ONE POST.

If you've made it this far, it's probably because you're DESPERATELY SCANNING for SOMETHING to write a comment about. So, let me give you a topic... Tell me about something you bring out for the holidays that has sentimental value. What is it? Where did you get it? Why is it important? And if you have a link to a picture, post that, too! I'd love to see it!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that our copy of The Woodcutter is doing some good on loan. We have a very sick relative right now dealing with cancer, and it was the perfect book to take her mind off of the treatment. As far as rewards go, if you pick my name, please give a copy of Maggie for Hire to a library, because I plan on buying it anyway. Though we'll take a Kindle Fire, obviously, if the Gods shine down upon us. Altruism has limits. :)

  2. Oh, Cormac... I am so sorry to hear about your relative... And I'm honored to think you'd pass along The Woodcutter to her during this time. PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do to help! I'd be happy to send a signed copy or a copy of Maggie or ANYTHING. Thinking of you and sending warm thoughts...

  3. Such a nice collections of holiday items. I, sadly, don't put anything on display. On the contrary, I ususally wind up in a cleaning frenzy putting things away. Though in the process, I do try to find things I don't use and donate them. Thanks for your post and for participating in the Holiday Hop. This is fun. If I had to choose, I'd love to read The Woodcutter. :)

  4. Awww, your tree is so cute! I just put mine up last weekend, and it's such a Charlie Brown-looking thing. I need to get some garland to string around the middle to make it look less mangy. And then I need to actually clean a bit and put up other decorations...!

  5. Doop, and I was too distracted by your shiny tree to mention that I'd love to be entered to win a copy of Maggie for Hire! I've heard such great things about it...

  6. I love your disco ball thingamabob! I like lots of sparkle in my Christmas decor. If I happen to win something on your blog hop I would love The Woodcutter. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  7. My nephew has to have a Christmas scene.The whole village in the snow.We have to have a Santa and a Christmas train in it or it won't work.I would love prize 2 or 3. Thanks.
    helldog3 at

  8. One thing we bring out on christmas in my dads christmas village. Hes always been a christmas fan and since we was little hes collected bits and pieces to make a village. Hes even handpainted some buildings, cars and people. The village has houses and buildings, kids and parents shopping and caroling, a train, cars, road signs, etc. He strings a light through the buildings, houses and a town christmas tree and lights it up. Its beautiful! I love it! Happy holidays! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  9. When I decorate the Christmas tree I bring out the special ornaments, one from when I was born and the one for my sister, along with a few others :)
    I'd like prize #2.


  10. I LOVE all of these memories and traditions. Thank you so much for sharing! Brightened my day!