Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog Hop Day 2 - Awards are Always Nice

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Well, it was a lovely surprise to wake up and get an email informing me I've been nominated for several Acme Awards.

The Acme Comedy Theater is a great little sketch and improv spot in town. A couple years back, I realized I probably needed to figure out how to do improv if I was going to last long out here. To any aspiring actors thinking about making The Great LA Move - in NYC, you need to be able to tap dance and sing. Here, it's do standup and improv.

I had a fantastic four year run with the theater before deciding to hang up my funny shoes and see if my brain was capable of memorizing lines anymore.

The Acme was my family and home and I am so very proud of so many of the things I did with them. I'll be off performing A Christmas Carol during the awards ceremony, so hopefully someone will let me know if I won, but truly, it is an honor to be nominated.


HDR: Best Character Performance, Female - Season 1
Kate Danley as The Mom who's Daughter's Molar is Possessed, in “The Dentist” with Jade Harlow

HDR: Best Support of Guest Star, Female
Kate Danley as Kate, Doomed Wife of Jewish Gladiator “Noshicus,” in “Noshicus” with Sean Kanan


MBA: Best Character Performance, Female
Kate Danley as Kitty Van Horn - the femme fatale in "The Shady Darque"

So, now it is your turn, dear readers and commenters looking for something to write about... The premise of Hollywood Dream Role was that we would ask a star what their "dream role" was - the one they had never gotten a chance to do, but always wanted to play. We would then improvise a 45 minute long show with them starring in that role. For example, Alison Haislip said she always wanted to be a superhero. Patrick Muldoon always wanted to play Danny Zuko in Grease. Walt Willey always wanted to be in Jaws. Candis Cayne always wanted to play Mommy Dearest.

So how about you? If you could play any role in any movie, what would it be? And why?


  1. I want to be in Covert Affairs and kick some butt! Would love to be a exciting!

    I want gift #3 from the Holiday Blog Hop!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  2. I would love to be Jean Grey from the X Men.I would love to be telepathic and telekinetic. She had the coolest powers and the strongest mutant. I would love prize #2 or #3.
    helldog3 at

  3. I love Kate Beckett from Castle. She's kinda wild, hard core, and can keep Castle on his toes. Would love to play that part :)

  4. Love the Angel pose.

    Holiday Blog Hopper
    I would love to win #3.


  5. OOO! Excellent choices everyone! Yes to all of those dream roles!