Saturday, November 12, 2011

Save the Date(s) for a Spooky Good... erm... I mean... Heartwarming Holiday... Good Time! With Ghosts.

It is our first publicity photo! And you guys were here for it!
* giving you hoots and hollers *

Every Thursday - Sunday, December 1-18, 2011, I'll be over at the GTC Burbank playing all the female roles (why did Hyperbole and A Half pop into my head? "PLAY ALL THE WOMEN!") in a three person, original text adaptation of Charles Dickens' ghost story, A Christmas Carol. Oh, you read that right. It is a ghost story. Said so on the original book cover.

This version is juicy and delicious. I'm having an amazing time. It's the biggest role(s) I've had in years. 90 minutes of me, folks. I don't leave the stage once. No. Wait. That's supposed to make you WANT to come. Come back! COME BACK!!!

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