Friday, October 14, 2011

The Night of Writing Dangerously

I'm raising money for the Young Writers Program, an organization that works with kids to get them excited about creative writing and I need your help! In order to participate in the annual Night of Writing Dangerously event in San Francisco, I need to raise $250.

So, if you are willing to lend me your support, I've got some fabulous prizes for you.

$10 Donation

A free copy of the book I write this November (the re-writing process is lengthy, so expect a Summer 2012 release) or I will send you a free copy of Maggie for Hire or The Woodcutter. Heck, they're $12.99 online. This saves you $3!

$20 Donation

A free SIGNED copy of the book I write this November, Maggie for Hire, or The Woodcutter.

$50 Donation

A free signed copy of the new book, The Woodcutter, or Maggie for Hire AND special thanks on the Acknoweldgement page.

$75 Donation

A free signed copy and I'll DEDICATE the book to you right there on the front(ish) page.

$140 Donation

A free signed copy, I'll dedicate the book to you, and YOU can decide what book I write from this list of options:

  • Maggie for Hire - The Sequel! This time with more cussing and brawling!
  • A story about a mysterious circus. It's sort of steampunky and spooky.
  • A gothic ghost story. Oooo CREEEEEPY!
  • This case of mistaken identity. It takes place in a castle and there's dragons and a knight and MADNESS ensues. Woka woka.

Donate and get all the details here! Thank you for your support!

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