Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank you Seattle!

It was a great time up at the Jet City Comic Show!  My kid sister is so frickin' talented.

Mr. & Mrs. Christy Bows at the Jet City Comic Show

I'm not just saying that.  She IS.  In addition to her METICULOUSLY crafted pet bows (like, every single tail is perfectly even and fray checked and sewed.  I'm the sort of crafter that would just frickin' Tacky Glue it and call it good enough), she did this couture retractable Breakfast at Tiffanys dog leash with hand placed Swarovski crystals... I am unable to do justice to this thing.  I mean, seriously.  It was blinding.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Retractable Leash

Imagine this, except 1000x Awesomer Squared in real life.

The Seattle crowds were so good to me.

Jet City Comic Con

Friendly and supportive, met some really nice folks.  My other sister and mom swung by to say hello before they ditched us for THE ITALIAN FESTIVAL going on RIGHT OUTSIDE.  Comic convention AND all the spaghetti you can handle?  WIN!

The guest of honor was William Katt a.k.a. The Greatest American Hero.  So down to earth and normal and completely unphased how everyone and their mother seemed to have a  GAH spandex outfits and curly wig just laying around in their closet to bring out on a moment's notice.  It was a HOOT.  Unfortunately, I missed him judging the karaoke competition, which I can only image.

Thank you Seattle!

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