Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Playhouse Soap Opera Episode One

A year ago, I got a call from Richard Van Slyke asking me if I might be interested in co-writing a webseries with him.  He was thinking it would be a soap opera set in a community theater.  I innocently agreed.

A year later, episode one is now on the web.  Welcome to The Playhouse Soap Opera!

Richard's been a fab producing partner and I've had a great time getting to chew up the scenery as this character.  She's one of those stock characters I've always carried around in my back pocket and am THRILLED whenever I can pull her out and step into her shoes.   

I've also been inducted by fire into the wonderful world of production and post-production.  If you ever have any questions about any glitch that might possibly come up when using Sony Vegas, feel free to drop me a line BECAUSE I EXPERIENCED EVERY ONE OF THEM.

That said, there is something empowering about my transformation into computer geek.  I know RAM.  I know cores.  I know luminocity and color matching plugins and changing my user preferences without blowing up my hard drive.  I have installed cards in to my mutheffin muthaboard, muthaeffers.  I've got an HD camera and sound systems and lighting kits.  I'm tearing my way through sound scrubbers.  And I no longer have a dining room because I have a production office now.

So enjoy this most recent baby!  I promise she's a charmer.

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