Monday, September 26, 2011

As sad day

I love Doritos.  I love them so much I would marry them if it was legal in California.  I am currently on a 90-day diet.  What foods am I not allowed to eat, you ask?  Soda, pizza, and chips.  But mainly chips.  Mainly Doritos.  Seriously.  I mean, have you tried the taco flavor throw back?  My favorite past time is to eat a whole bag while scrolling through Tumblr.  Yes, I realize that is EVERYONE'S idea of a perfect evening, but mine especially!

Today, the founder of Doritos, Arch West, passed away.  May he nosh in peace at the Great All You Can Eat Nacho Buffet Restaurant in the sky.

In honor of his passing, I bring you a little Doritos commercial some buddies and I put together for a competition earlier this year.

Sock Zombie is very upset that Arch West passed before expanding the brand.

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