Friday, August 12, 2011

In a Fairy Tale

So way back in 2002, I was working at an arts high school here in Los Angeles.  My cube mate and touchstone of sanity was a fantastic gal named Katie Thompson who, at the time, was a struggling artist just like me. 

One day, out of desperation, I decided to remount my one woman show and asked Katie if she'd like the second half of the evening.  And she said, "Sure!"  Which, as a sidenote, is how I met Adam-Adam - as he hauled a piano up two flights of stairs to a theater on the 2nd story of a strip mall.  Sorry Adam-Adam.  And Katie.  You are good sports.

So the show maybe had six to ten people in the audience a night, which, having lived in Los Angeles for awhile now, actually isn't too shabby.  Right?  I know.

But it was a hoot and a project to keep ourselves from losing our minds.

Flash forward to today, Katie's got a couple Broadway contracts and if you watch "So You Think You Can Dance", you've seen a bunch of her songs on there.

But there is this one little song that she sang in our little two woman, one woman show night that has always stuck with me.  So, last night, I decided to bust out some of the trinkets I've got lying around and put together a little piece.  What can I say?  Some people watch TV.  Some people take 500+ pictures of plastic toys they got out of blind boxes and set them to music.  Don't judge me.

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