Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching Up

I have been remiss in my blogging.  It was made painfully aware to me that I gotta get caught up this when Sunday I spent a glorious afternoon with this crew:

Convergence of AWESOME!

From left to write (I'm PUNNY!) are bloggers Out of Character, Giddy Girlie, and Rocky Time Warp.  Not pictured, but also a part of the party, was Leah Peah.  This weekend was the annual Convention Of All Things Female Blog Related a.k.a. BlogHer.  Out of Character had flown in to San Diego and Giddy Girlie and I decided to hop in the car an make a run for the border (of a really great Mexican restaurant in the Gas Lamp district) and meet her, Rocky Time Warp, and Leah Peah for some seafood served in buckets.

Such a great group of people and, seriously, we sat in the restaurant for FIVE HOURS and the conversation never stopped flowing.  One of the topics was how blogging really and truly changed our lives.  Out of Character and Rocky Time Warp had never met in person before, but knew each other through their blogs.  I met Giddy Girlie and Out of Character through our blogs.  Out of Character and Rocky Time Warp met Leah Peah through her blog and at blogger meetups.  Some of the smartest, wittiest folks I know are all because we spent a few minutes to dash out some our innermost thoughts and post them on the world wide webs.

So, yah.  I gotta get better about this.  Just because blogging has become a whore-y meat market of book deal commercialism and Google Ads doesn't mean that there aren't still some really awesome people still out there.  And I will find you.  Oh yes.  I will.

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