Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shout Out to the San Diego Comic Con and a Plug for Ryan Winn

So, I've been blogging for lo on 1.2 million years, blogging since the ancient days when the blog-o-sphere was a web that the spiders wouldn't index, bloggers got cease-and-desist letters from companies pissed that they were reviewing products and movies, and posts were un-Google-able.

It was the days before Google Reader and RSS feeds. The only way to find a blog was through a link on someone else's blog and the only way to drive traffic to your site was to leave a comment on someone's post.

It was the wild west.

And we were frontier folk - startled and delighted whenever we found a like minded individual's log cabin in the lonely cyber woods.

One such individual wrote a blog called Giddy Girlie. My real life friend, Miss Bliss, had met Giddy once at a blogger meetup in San Francisco and swore that she was cool.

Giddy's blog struck a chord with me and one day, when she posted her husband was going to be doing a lecture at a local library on making comic books, I thought, "What the heck..." So Miss Bliss and I drove south and I shyly introduced myself. We all went over to Rubio's for fish tacos afterwards.

I invited Mr. & Mrs. Giddy up to Los Angeles to see a show my buddy, Joseph Limbaugh, was producing called Overdroid where the audience drew pictures and then improvisers on stage would animate the drawings using video game controllers (and somewhere on the internet is the video from said show). I also invited my friend Adam-Adam to join us.

Thus began a glorious friendship.


This is me at my very first comic book convention in 2008.

When I'm calling yooooouuuoooouuuu

It was in Los Angeles. Mr. Giddy, a.k.a. Ryan Winn, had landed his first big gig inking The Darkness.

Portrait of a Convention

Also at this convention, he had been pulled into ink a special lithograph of The Freshman for Seth Green.

The Coolest Thing I've Ever Seen

I was so star struck, I couldn't get any closer to the Seth Green table than to take this picture.

Seth Green... oh, and some other important dudes

All Mr. Giddy kept saying, as my brain was exploding, was, "You think this Con is cool? Wait till you see San Diego!"

Here's a picture of Adam-Adam, Giddy Girlie, and Mr. Giddy after our very first comic convention together.

I wish I could "Favorite" my own photos...

Look at how cute and young we are?

Sometimes, you meet an artist who works their butt off. They aren't off goofing around, riding along folks' coattails, depending upon "who you know" to get them where they want to go. They have integrity. They LOVE what they do. They work every. single. day on that art and when success in their chosen field starts to inch its way towards them, you go, "FINALLY! There IS justice in the world!"

That is Ryan Winn.

Who would have guess all those years ago that a ride in the Batmobile...


...would end up being prophetic.

Mr. Ryan Winn, a.k.a. RAW for those of you looking at the artwork, is the official inker of Batman.


And three years after that dinky little convention in downtown Los Angeles, he'll be at the San Diego Comic Con. When he's not at DC Comics signing Bat-FUCKING-MAN comics, he'll be over in Artists Alley at table DD-11.

So, swing on by and give him a high five.

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