Thursday, July 28, 2011

Muuuuurder by AAAaaaacme

Our regular Celebrity Improv Mashup show has been preempted by a special presentation of AWESOME!

Murder By Acme

Murder by Acme is back for another tour de force! Okay, so just one show. And maybe another one in the coming months.


What is Muuuuurder by Acme you ask?

I'm so sorry I haz to makes you dead

Oh, foolish mortals, it is a 45-minute, live, improvised, noir murder mystery. And this show just happens to feature a mess of actors from the Liquid Radio Players - an all improvised 40's-esque radio show. In other words, folks who actually know what they're doing, by jimminy!

Murder by Acme with Keith Coogan (Adventures in Babysitting)

Brian Breiter, Joseph Limbaugh, Michael Perkins, Ian Tindell, Kristen Trucksess, Ruben Dario, and yours truly, all directed by the eloquent Brian Giovanni.

This show is always a HOOT and I can hardly wait to play!

Sue Pantomiming What She Had Been Up To

Friday, July 29th at 9:00PM
The Acme Comedy Theater
I know it isn't listed on their website... they have a Facebook thingie.

Wait. Here. You can buy tickets on LaughStub!

It's really happening. I'm not making it up. Just come. Don't make me punch you in the face!

(Note: No actresses were actually punched in the face)

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