Thursday, May 19, 2011

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

It's officially offical! It is on the internets and they can't take it back now! The Woodcutter has won the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category in the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards! In honor of this proud day, I have updated the cover to reflect the awesomeness!

New Cover

I'm running out of room. I'm going to have to start wrapping around the margins. It is a glorious problem to have.

As part of this award, I get some stickers and a certificate and a Winner medal I can wear around my neck and a cash prize. I PROMISE to take pictures as soon as those things come in. I hope the cash prize comes as one of those huge novelty checks, because I think that would be TEH BEST IN THE WORLD! I might make one for myself JUST BECAUSE.

And as if that was not enough, the part that pretty much floors me is that my book is now being reviewed for representation. It is being featured in a catalog being distributed next week at New York Book Week. If I didn't have an immovable meeting at work that means having a job or not, there is an awards ceremony at the Plaza Hotel that I was invited to attend. As an honoree.

I just look back at all those years of rejection letters... I look at that rejection letter for my 2nd novel I just got last week. I look at the rejection letters I got for The Woodcutter even after all of these awards.

Shut door after shut door after shut door...

I think about the fact my book sat on my hard drive and if it wasn't for a well timed email and the fact we are living in the future, when a girl can upload her manuscript and be a published author, The Woodcutter would still be living on my hard drive and no one would have ever met these characters that I had fallen in love with, characters that whispered their story into my ears as I would try to sleep or try to get through a day or try to go somewhere. They really wanted their story to be told.

And so I uploaded the book.

And then something remarkable happened that you, yes you reading this, I know who you are, you supported me with your kind words and that geniuine look in your eyes when you said it was not just good, it was really really good. It made you cry. You went back and read it a second time because you wanted to experience it again. You passed on The Woodcutter to your friends. You bought copies as Christmas presents. You brought it to your book club and forced them to read it. You wrote reviews and tagged my book and gave me ratings and tweeted and blogged about it and loved it so much, you asked if you could make an audiobook of it or could you draw the cover.

And I realized you weren't just being polite. That this thing actually WAS good. That maybe The Man didn't know what He was talking about. Maybe He could go flush his head.

And then a little more light came in to dispel the darkness in the form of the Indie Book Awards.

Dear Rest of the World,

Remember how you said that my book The Woodcutter wasn't good enough?

Thanks for sharing.

This Indie Book Award Winner & Her Fucking Rad Gang

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