Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paul Shall Fall. Oh Yes. Fall Paul Shall.

Kids, The Fall of Paul is gearing up to smack you across the face with more funny than a barrel full of tuna.

Don't look at me like that. You try coming up with witty comparisons at 11:41PM.

This morning I had a threeway with James (Paul) and Joe (the writer and creator). CALL. A three way CALL. CALL. You people are sick. And you kiss your mother with that mind?

So, we're making a new Fall of Paul episode. Filming in April. IN LAS VEGAS.

Actually, I'm not sure we're actually going to be filming anything. I think it is pretty much just an excuse to hang out. In Vegas. "For our art" and junk.

Right now, the plan of me and those two boys bunked up in a hotel on the Strip with a camera. Something about illegal fireworks and an Indian reservation. At which point, I ceased asking any more questions about any sort of "plan" and just began nodding my head so vigorously I sustained a traumatic brain injury.

I guess the real reason behind this post is that I'm going to need someone I can call for bail money. And I think you'll do. Please stand by.

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