Thursday, March 10, 2011

3/11/11 Celebrity Improv Mashup & Murder by Acme

3/11/11 - Jade Harlow and Eric Martsolf in Celebrity Improv Mashup
Well, if you didn't get enough murder and scandal last week, you are in for a treat THIS week, folks! I'm back this Friday in Celebrity Improv Mashup at the Acme Comedy Theater.

And who are our mystery guests? None other than Acme darlings Jade Harlow and Eric Martsolf!

Now, you probably remember Eric Martsolf from Hollywood Dream Role last year when he sung and danced his way into everyone's hearts with his imaginary best friend Shaniqua, the nunchuck skunk hat wearing love of his life. And if you don't remember that, you are living a half life and need to go watch the YouTube video immediately. I believe there is some sort of law that one single person is not supposed to be allowed to hold a trifecta of talentness,gorgeousness, AND niceness, but Eric Martsolf is so frickin' cool, we've decided not to report him and will, instead, just bask in the glory of his awesomeness.

Eric is back and this time to save Little Valley from the machinations of evil in the improvised soap opera Scandal!

On the Hollywood Dream Role side of things, Jade Harlow is on our team! Seriously folks, she is so frickin' sweet, you want to just put her in your pocket. I'm pretty sure she gets around Los Angeles riding a unicorn and pays for things with leprachan gold and pixie dust. She will be bringing to life the role that made her want to get into acting in the first place. All I can say is that it involves pea soup and levitating beds. And no, that is not a metaphor for a normal Friday night on the Sunset strip.

The third part of the show is the mash up, and this is what makes life so cool sometimes. Jade and Eric were on Passions together. In fact, Eric played Jade's older brother. But they never actually appeared on screen together. UNTIL NOW! We've got soap opera history in the making folks! BROTHER AND SISTER UNITED AT LAST!

Because that's what we do at the Acme, folks. We bring imaginary families together. God bless America.

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