Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Dread Crew of Oddwood Music Video #OnAPirateSet

6:30AM call in Dana Point to play a pirate puppet on an actual tall ship. #howdoiputthisonmyresume #8yearoldselfwouldbesqueeing


8:21 AM "Drew, the machete's in his car!" #overheardonset


8:27 AM "I'm going to go put some wallets in my car. I'm also going to grab more knives for Andre." #overheardonpirateset


8:45 AM "She got fired for being crazy." #overheardonpirateset

IMG_0920 IMG_0909

9:36 AM If nothing else happens in 2011, the fact we're shooting pirates and puppets on a real boat already makes this year more awesome than most.

Our Dread Puppet Crew IMG_0882 Surfers at Sunset Ms. Dana Point

2:02 PM Everytime a pirate falls in the water, drink! #onpirateset

IMG_0874 Discussion

2:05 PM "1st gets his head ripped off, 2nd gets stabbed, the 3rd gets hit with the 1st puppet's head." #overheardonset

IMG_0875 Erik does last looks on the puppet

3:53 PM "You're punching the other puppet in the face with the other puppet's face." #onsetinstructions

Pirate work is bloody good fun Todd practices the blocking

5:00 PM "Could you hold my hat so I don't get blood on it?" #onapirateshoot #overheardonset


5:52 PM "I need to tatoo Sabrina on my hand," a passing blonde. "Is that her name?" guy sitting next to me. #onpirateset

IMG_0877 IMG_0872

What does a pirate shoot look like? Like this. http://www.flickr.com/photos/eyduck/sets/72157625888536328/

And like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/40757320@N02/sets/72157625885923204/with/5380382172/

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