Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mark it off the list

I used to have a 45-minute bus ride to and from elementary school every morning. I'd sit in the back of the bus with my best friend, Austin Adamson, and we would talk about how we were going to grow up to be authors and write books. We would read each other's short stories and outline the series we were going to rock the world with. I remember my feeling of pride that I had been able to write a whole twelve-pages. I've still got those landscape, soft brown papers with their blue dotted lines and thick scrawl tucked away somewhere. I can still feel that large pencil gripped tightly in my little hands, its bitable red paint and fat lead gliding over the bumpy surface.

Today, that 4th grade dream became a reality. I haven't had a chance to really feel it yet, in between the dumb non-stop phonecalls and errands that involve running up and down four stories worth of stairs.

But when I have a moment tonight to realize what has happened... I'm an author. I didn't wait for anyone to give me permission. I decided I believed in myself enough to do this. So I did it.

It's official!

It's a reality that no one can take away from me. The end.

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