Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hollywood Dream Role with Brody Hutzler of Days of Our Lives

Yay! I get to act tomorrow night! And with none other than the fabulous Brody Hutzer of Days of Our Lives.

Brody Hutzler in "Hollywood Dream Role"

We've got a killer cast of regulars and a frickin' kickass genre!

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What happens when a celebrity lands the role of a lifetime, but there’s no script, so the actors have to make it up as they go? Is it a Dream Role, or a Nightmare?

This week starring Brody Hutzler

"Days of our Lives"
..."The Bay"
"The Young and the Restless" to watch live or for tickets

9 pm Pacific, 12 midnight Eastern


Each week our celebrity guest star joins ACME’s top improvisers to create a film-like story, based on the guest star’s choice of genre and a “dream role” they’d love to play. Action-adventure, film noir, romantic comedy, horror - anything! What follows is an unscripted tale with shining moments and scenes that go delightfully wrong... all to fulfill our guest star’s desire to play their “Hollywood Dream Role"!

Directed by Joseph Limbaugh
Produced by Dan Kane
Title Theme by Jonathan Green

Brody Hutzler
Dan Billet
Diana Costa
Tracy Collins
Dave Cox
Kate Danley
Paul Hungerford

This is an Online TV Show, broadcast LIVE from our studio at The Famous ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood. To watch live online, go to and click "Live Broadcast"!


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Monday, September 13, 2010

SuperPout 2000 (tm)

For those who have been around since the Mangy Dog days, Joe Purcell, Danielle Stewart, and I decided this weekend to breathe new life into a sketch that hasn't been seen since 2008. This is the second time in history it has been made available to the public, the first time in digital celluloid form. You're welcome.

(Many thanks to Joe and Danielle for being game for this. This sketch was originally very different and done live onstage. It is funny how sometimes a goofy little sketch kind of wiggles its way into your heart. I'm glad we decided to film it and keep it from disappearing to the ether of time. Plus, it's kind of a kick to see your own words brought to life.)