Saturday, May 8, 2010

Post Show Accounting - Comedy Klatch

Most of my evenings are taken up with rehearsals and performances at the Acme Comedy Theater. For someone who used to cry after improv auditions and wonder why she bombed so bad after a sketch show, they put training wheels on the bike I didn't know how to ride and held onto the seat for me until I got the hang of things. The fact I'm not a stone silent fool up any time I take the stage is a gawddammned miracle and I love them madly for it.

Occasionally, though, I am invited to perform outside of my little comfy home to some of the other theaters in LA. Such was the case with Comedy Klatch at the Bang Studio. Some of the funniest evenings I've seen were at Christine Schoenwald’s Pinata. Think This American Life sans Ira Glass with a bunch of industry comedy writers. She pitched Comedy Klatch as a more free form evening. I had seven minutes to do whatever I goshdarn wanted.

So I showed up at the theater an hour before showtime and I have to say, there is an energy to that space that feels like a warm hug. Maybe its just that it reminds me of black boxes from college. Or maybe just that the people are so gosh darn nice. But it was lovely.

Every person that shared the stage with me was a complete stranger. It was so much fun to feel new rhythms and to see the world through the eyes of someone with a totally different background than me. It was like taking a masterclass in comedy. The ladies were on the top of their games and SO. FUNNY.

The house was packed with a crowd of folks 100% on our side, which, for a performer, is like skinny dipping in a river of chocolate with marshmallow floaties.

I got to put up a monologue that I've been working on for awhile, but bombed the first time I had performed it at a different theater - the lights had gone out at the top of the monologue throwing everything off and I never recovered my pacing. There is nothing like having your baby called ugly when its a case of mistaken identity. I knew in my soul that it was gold. So I brought my monologue to the Klatch and I feel so lucky I got a chance to Get It Right, if nothing more than for my own peace of mind. And I did. There are a couple things I would probably do differently, but it felt so good to give that character a fair shake and to have so many people stop me afterwards to tell me how hysterical it was.

And I think that was the biggest part of the Comedy Klatch lurve-fest. There was so much support, honest support, for everyone in the room. The cast and audience was there with absolute open mindedness and warm fuzzy feelings.

I have no ties or hidden agendas with The Bang Theater or this evening of comedy, so believe me when I say that if you're ever in the need for a solid night of funny, check out the shows put together by Christine Schoenwald there. She's got a talent for gathering up some amazing folks and her houses are always filled with great people. It makes for an amazing night.