Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Acme 2 Nite Saturday and Other Assorted Fun

I love weeks when I'm involved in a bunch of shows. It makes me feel like I'm earning the air I've been sucking up, as opposed to being a freeloading mooch crashing on the couch of Life, trying to duck out on chipping in for groceries as Life gives me an exasperated eyeroll to find out I spent my whole night playing Sims 2 AGAIN.

So Saturday was the big prep for the Acme2Nite sketch show.

I met up with Joanne (a.k.a. Melanie from The Fall of Paul) to run through some lines. We tried to hit Waffles and More up in Encino (why does Encino feel like a vacation? I gotta get out of town more...), but turns out my favorite little hideaway has turned into Waffles and More People. So we went to a little Russian teahouse instead and bothered the cranky chefs with line-throughs of some sketches involving faux Russian accents and a pretty fair representation of The Cuss Words Of America.

After brunch in the gorgeous 74-degree weather (suck it East coast! You may have art and culture, but we can wear flip flops and tube tops in the winter!), I headed over to Ralphs to pick out the most attrocious Valentine's day gifts I could pick out. I settled on singing cards, a balloon bouquet, and an Elmer's candy heart, which I always wanted as a kid SO BAD because it had a plastic rose and LACE on the heart box. Mom kept insisting on giving me See's candy instead. I was so abused.

I then headed over to Goodwill to try and find a pair of camos for a military sketch only to get home and see that I missed that my character was in the CIA and as long as I doubled up on the control top pantyhose, I could probably fit into one of the dusty suits sitting long forgotten in my closet and call it a day.

I downloaded some of the worst love songs I could find. It was a toss-up on the throw up factor and then realized that I am officially a part of the problem. ITunes doesn't know my library is a selecion of The Most Horrible Hits of the 80s and 90s and gosh, I hope they don't decide to start suggesting music to me based upon past purchases. I'm sorry, America, that I contributed 99-cents to Music To Stab Out Your Eardrums.

Drove pell mell to the theater, landed just in time, and got in the single run through we got before curtain.

So, I'm a pretty traditionally trained actor. I've been doing this for about 20-years now and always felt that rehearsal was a pretty important thing in putting together a show.

With the new timeslot of Acme2Nite, we, unfortunately, don't get a run through in the space before we put it before a live studio audience.

I was pretty sure we were about to take a nice, hour long swim in the River Stinks, but much to my surprise, it turned out to be a good show. We're allowed now to bring back old sketches, which is so much fun and a lot less pressure. And then with the new sketches, we suddenly had the freedom to go off book and improvise a bit since, heck, no one can be expected to remember 40-minutes worth of script word for word without a rehearsal.

I felt really good about the stuff I got to do and I couldn't have been prouder of my fellow castmates who jumped into my zombie valentine sketch with two feet. Nothing like seeing your undead, blood covered buddies having a zombie makeout session on the dance floor to put a grin on a girl's face.

Afterwards, the Giddys were there to hug me around my neck and whisk me off to French onion soup at The French Market, our favorite after hours hangout for great food and great transvestite hooker watching (and the ladies were looking lovely. The night was just young enough that the beards hadn't come out yet). We chatted and recounted and laughed till our faces hurt and ushered in Valentines day sometime between the fried zucchini and grilled cheese sandwich courses.

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