Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun Audition Breakdowns

Maternity Apparel Company looking for 18 - 30 years of age female for catalogue print. Must be gorgeous, 5'8 and above, must be size 2 or 4, and will require to wear maternity belly if not pregnant. Photo shoot date 4/12/10 in Los Angeles. $600.00 for 10 HOURS PHOTO SHOOT.

I hate Los Angeles.


  1. Um...wow. Yeah, that's like...wow. Size 2? Seriously?

  2. Ugh! As if real pregnant women don't feel bad enough about their bodies, they have to look at tall skinny women pretending to be pregnant to show off expensive clothes that we'll have to pay for and only wear for a few months.

    Tell me that's not a real ad.

  3. Oh, but that reminds me. Medella is looking for someone to be in their demo video for their new breast pump. Filming in the 'burbs out here. Actual lactating not required, but I'm not sure $500 is enough to let someone put a video of your breasts on the internet and in store displays at baby stores.