Friday, January 22, 2010

Hollywood Dream Role

Doing anything tonight? Catch me in Hollywood Dream Role at the Acme Comedy Theater at 9:00PM! The cast this week is stellar! Tickets are $8 online at

What happens when a celebrity lands the role of a lifetime, but there’s no script, so the actors have to make it up as they go? Is it a Dream Role, or a Nightmare?

This week starring Janina Gavankar (The 'L' Word)

Each week our celebrity guest star joins ACME’s top improvisers to create a film-like story, based on the guest star’s choice of genre and a “dream role” they’d love to play. Action-adventure, film noir, romantic comedy, horror - anything! What follows is an unscripted tale with shining moments and scenes that go delightfully wrong... all to fulfill our guest star’s desire to play their “Hollywood Dream Role"!

Also starring the following ACME performers:

Brian Breiter
Diana Costa
Kate Danley
Matt Key
Kimberly Lewis
Barry O'Neill
Michael Perkins

Directed by Joseph Limbaugh
Produced by Dan Kane
Title Theme by Jonathan Green

This is an Online TV Show, broadcast LIVE from the Famous ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood. To watch live online, go to and click "Live Broadcast"!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun Audition Breakdowns

Maternity Apparel Company looking for 18 - 30 years of age female for catalogue print. Must be gorgeous, 5'8 and above, must be size 2 or 4, and will require to wear maternity belly if not pregnant. Photo shoot date 4/12/10 in Los Angeles. $600.00 for 10 HOURS PHOTO SHOOT.

I hate Los Angeles.

Friday, January 15, 2010


...I almost want to delete my entire blog because one post is about how kickass this year is going to be followed up on a post about relief efforts for the 100,000 people dead and injured in an earthquake.



There was a book that changed my life. It is called Mountain Beyond Mountains. It is a biography of an incredible man named Dr. Paul Farmer and his work in Haiti.

As everyone goes about looking for reputable charities to get aid to Haiti during this horrible disaster, I just wanted to recommend Dr. Paul's organization Partners in Health. He is the closest thing we've got to a living saint running around this world right now. Never heard of him? That's because their organization doesn't spend money on promoting themselves. They spend their time and energy treating diseases.

Partners in Health has consistantly gotten a four star rating on Charity Navigator, 95% of donations go directly to aid, they have medical teams on the ground that are treating people now, and, as a long time donor, I like that only twice a year I receive a single one paged letter asking for donations instead of a mass onslaught of promotional materials every week.

I know that everyone is donating to the Red Cross because it is easy, but the Red Cross takes 10% for general operating. That $5M they raised? $500,000 is going to be skimmed off the top to pay salaries. And I just remember how all that money donated during 9-11 went to spiffy board meetings and private jets.

Any donation at this time is good, but if you are on the fence, look around Charity Navigator and see who is legit. Partners in Health is real and they have proven that they will make sure your donation goes to the right place.

Visit to see what they are doing right now.

Stand With Haiti

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 - The Year of Dreams

2010 is already 5.6 billion times better than that lousy 2009. 2009 was like that loser abusive boyfriend that kept finding his way back into the house with offerings of roses and Bud Light only to start throwing things at one's head when one wasn't looking.

But 2010? He's a gentleman. The roses aren't from the refrigerator at 7-11 and the dimonds he's offering weren't bought off QVC. One week in and I've seen my BFF from the 3rd grade, been to San Francisco, had a great audition alongside an old idol of mine from Square One TV (settle down with the "NERD" catcalls, shall we?), rehearsed for a cool new show, and finished reading the entire Harry Potter series from start to finish. Hello, WIN!

This past year was the Year of the Ox, according to the Chinese Zodiac. The Ox's slogan is, "I Perservere". Yah. That's about right. But you know what we're coming upon THIS year? The frickin' METAL TIGER! RAWR! Shouldn't that be the name of some badass hair band from the '80s? METAL TIGER! Somebody break a guitar for me in the background there.

So I'm super stoked about 2010. Hope you are, too.