Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas & Holiday Blog Hop Day 3 - The Coming of the End or The Last Two Shows of A Christmas Carol

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We've got two more performances of A Christmas Carol before I have to bid a fond adieu to the Ghost of Theater Present.

Scrooge & Phantom

It has been an amazing show. I have been overwhelmed by the response afterwards. People have come up to me with tears in their eyes. They have sought us out, needing somehow to try and express the journey they just went on. There are a hand full of shows that I have worked on that have inspired such a genuine outpouring of warm regard.

Last night, a man who has seen just about every production of A Christmas Carol (and ticked them all off for us to prove that he knew what he was talking about), said that this was his favorite interpretation. People who hated A Christmas Carol, people who loved A Christmas Carol, they have talked about the simplicity of this production. How it is focused upon what is important - which is not the storyline. It is the text. It is the original words as written by Charles Dickens. We were laughing and nodding our heads in agreement backstage last night, recalling feedback from one audience member that to form an opinion on A Christmas Carol without actually reading or hearing the original text is like forming an opinion on Romeo & Juliet based on Taylor Swift's song. Said audience member was A Christmas Carol convert after seeing this show.


The difference is THAT great.

I remember how theater changed my life. I remember sitting in the audience of A Secret Garden on Broadway, watching Mandy Patinkin and Daisy Eagan, I remember watching a children's theater version of Little Red Riding Hood in Golden Gate Park and feeling afterwards like I could fly. THAT is how theater should make a person feel. That is why we do it. That is why we see it. And that is why it should be supported. Because we have a duty to each other. Our souls should feel so light and alive afterwards that each step is like a flying dream.

Belle and Scrooge

A Christmas Carol
12/17 at 8PM, 12/18 at 7PM

GTC Burbank
1111-b West Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA 91506


  1. Why am I not surprised that you look smoking hot in a burqa?

  2. :) Awesome post about the Christmas Carol :) I hope it ended well!

  3. Cool! Thanks for sharing! The secret garden is a favorite of mine. ;) Happy holidays!

  4. Would have loved to be able to see your production of A Christmas Carol but I live in Texas...

    Holiday Blog Hopper I would like number 1